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eCommerce Platform Integration & Complete Websites

Integrated Applications has integrated several websites with SAP Business One, working with both third party web developers and supplying our own solution based on nopCommerce.

Two-way Synchronisation of Products, Customers and Orders

Our synchronisation with SAP Business One is flexible enough to cater for these modes of operation:

  • Replication of customer accounts or use of an umbrella BP (or both).
  • Customer accounts at the BP or BP contact level.
  • Creation of AR quotes, orders or reserve invoices.
  • Product creation via website admin area
  • Creation of production orders
  • User defined fields in order, customer and product feeds

Our solution provides this data to the website:

  • Product changes feed.
  • Product images and attachments feed.
  • BP and BP contact changes feed.
  • Price update changes feed.
  • Stock level changes feed.
  • Periodic bulk price and stock level uploads.
  • Periodic BP special prices upload.
  • Order status feed.
  • Delivery notification with tracking information.
  • Real-time order status retrieval from Business One.

Feeds for incremental updates can be run as often as every minute to provide an almost real-time view of changing data in Business One.

Using our e-commerce solution eliminates the manual work required to record website sales in Business One, also improving accuracy and propagation time in the process.


If you have an existing ecommerce website that you want to integrate, or need both website and integration together, please contact us for more information.

Deployment Options

There are two deployment options to suit different hosting scenarios.

If the web server is running Windows the synchronisation queue can be hosted on the same system so that no additional queuing mechanism is required at the website end.


In situations where the website is not hosted on a Windows system, the synchronisation queue can be hosted on the company LAN (often the same server running Business One). In this case the website will need to be able to cater for unreliable connections to the sync service.


nopCommerce is a leading open source ecommerce platform with a wide range of features, including:

  • Full category hierarchy
  • Special pricing and price breaks
  • Product options 
  • Tax calculation based on product and customer status
  • Shipping calculation and customer collection options
  • Responsive design for mobile and tablet
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) features
  • Multi-currency display
  • Rewards points system.
  • Discounts
  • Choice of payment gateways, POA and account ordering
  • CMS and Blog features
  • Product reviews
  • Related products

Learn more at the nopCommerce website.